Our long-term goal is to help seniors transition from their personal residence to a Joy Filled Living Ministry-owned Independent Home or Assisted Living Care Home – a home that will provide assistance, security, and dignity.  In the meantime, we can help seniors transition to Assisted Living or Independent Living facilities that Joy Filled Living has vetted and meet our standards.

Our Future Independent Living Residential Home

Our future home will be for seniors capable of living independently.  Some may find themselves unable to financially sustain increased living costs.  Others might feel unsafe or fearful of living alone.  For a modest monthly rent, Joy Filled Living Ministry can provide safety and companionship.

Our Future Assisted Living Care Home

This home will provide services for aging seniors who require help with daily living activities. Examples of these activities include bathing, meal preparation, medication and medical management, and daily enrichment activities.  Joy Filled Living Ministry will help meet the financial need for seniors whose income is just above Arizona Long Term Care parameters for long term care assistance (ALTCS).

Our Current Outreach

As we continue to secure funds for our future home(s), we will be providing personal services and fellowship to seniors in already established assisted living facilities.