Joy Filled Living Ministry

Have you thought about how long your income will survive the care you need as you age?

The more assistance one requires, the higher the monthly costs climb. This high cost of assisted living care is not an option for many, and for those who can afford it, quickly can go from financially independent to financially dependent in little to no time.

Nearly 56 million Americans are 65 and older and projections estimate that population of older adults will grow to 95 million by 2060.  That is nearly double in 40 years!   These senior adults deserve to live a safe and dignified life, but find themselves with poor health, no finances to afford help, or no family to assist them.

Our nonprofit is committed to helping these aging seniors in need.  We are most passionate about those seniors who find themselves unable to financially provide for the care they need.  Joy Filled Living Ministry is not associated with any religion, religious organization, or denomination.

Our ultimate goal is to one day establish our own Assisted Living and Independent Living Homes for seniors who are in need of assistance with daily living needs that are delivered in a safe, home-like environment.  For independent seniors who are looking for a safe, home-like environment, our Independent Residential Homes will fill that need.  We know that our goal is a lofty one!   Help from interested people like you will propel our vision forward. 

Being a non-profit, acquiring the funding needed to purchase a home will take some time.  It is so important to us that we provide services to aging seniors NOW.  So our fund-raising efforts are currently being directed to the home purchase AND providing to seniors, already living in licensed homes, personal services such as hairstyling, haircuts and grooming, manicures, and other services that enrich their lives.  We even entertain them with a party and music!

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Donations & Fundraising

Being a new nonprofit, purchasing a home for independent seniors is our first priority and so our initial fundraising efforts will go to that effort.

Fundraising events are currently being developed. Watch this page for updates. Joy Filled Living Ministry is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Please consider giving of your time or a donation to help aging Seniors.